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We are happy to inform you that Reverend Father Varghese Pathikulangara, CMI, professor, director, and friend of us completed Seventy Years of his life on 21 August 2010. Moreover, this year marks the Ruby Jubilee of his Sacerdotal Ordination (17 May, 2010) and on 16 May 2011 he completes Golden Jubilee of his Religious consecration in the Congregation of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI). 
While we raise our hearts in thanksgiving to God for his wonderful gift to us in the person and mission of Fr Varghese Pathikulangara, CMI, we publish a Festschrift in honour of him to continue the legacy of this humble and happy servant of Mar Toma Margam
Dr Paulachan Kochappilly, CMI
Dr Geo Pallikunnel, CMI
Dr Joseph Varghese Kureethara, CMI


  • 36 Articles
  • 34 Contributors
  • xii+ 510 pages
  • Complete Index of 15 pages
  • 1/8 demy size with Laminated Hardcover
Other Salient Features:
  • Assessing the Person and Mission of Prof. Dr Varghese Pathikulangara CMI by Prof Dr. Paulachan Kochappilly CMI.
  • List of complete works of Prof. Dr Varghese Pathikulangara CMI
  • On Theology, Liturgy, Church History, Ecclesiology, Spirituality and Formation
  • Rare articles on Holy Qurbana, Mar Toma Sliba, Mar Toma Margam, Liturgical and Spiritual Formation of the Mar Toma Nazrani Church
  • A Collaborative project of the Laity, Religious and Priests
  • Authors from various walks of life like Engineering, Medicine, Philosophy, Psychology, Liturgy, History, Scripture, Language, University Teaching, Seminary Training and Teaching, Monasticism etc.
  • Seasoned authors and budding ones
  • Treatises, Articles and Memoirs.
  • A must-read book for all serious readers of Mar Toma Nazrani Church
  • An invaluable possession for all libraries


Prof. Dr Varghese Pathikulangara, CMI: Person and Mission
Paulachan Kochappilly, CMI and Joseph Varghese Kureethara, CMI

Contributions are arranged in four Parts in the theological vision of Fr Pathikulangara. 

Part I: Theology 
The Scientific Reflection of our Faith, Commitment to Jesus 

Part II: Liturgy
Celebration of our own Existence

Part III: History and Ecclesiology 
Fidelity to the Church, Key to Authentic Living Faith
Part IV: Spirituality 
God Experience = Christ Experience = Ecclesial Experience = Liturgical Experience

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    1. Alumkal Joseph, Germany
    2. Amarnad Anto, CMI, Bhopal
    3. Ambalathil George, OCD, Bangalore
    4. Anatharackal Mathew, CMI, Kottayam 
    5. Arangassery Lonappan, MST, Satna
    6. Athappilly Sebastian, CMI, Austria
    7. Chennattussery Joseph, CMI, Bangalore
    8. Elavathingal Sebastian, CMI, Bhopal
    9. Kachappilly Kurian, CMI, Bangalore                                  
    10. Kalambukattu Naiju Jose, CMI, Rishikesh    
    11. Kalluveettil Paul, CMI, Thrisur
    12. Kavattu Siby, CMI, Bangalore
    13. Keemattam Augustine, CMI, Wardha
    14. Kochappilly Paulachan, CMI, Bangalore                                          
    15. Kunnathett Tez Maria, SABS, Changanaseri
    16. Kureethara Joseph Varghese, CMI, Bangalore           
    17. M. Thomas Antony, Manchester
    18. Maniyattu Pauly, Kottayam
    19. Mekkattukunnel Andrews, Kottayam                                    
    20. Mullooparampil Sebastian, CMI, Bangalore   
    21. Nalkara Benny, CMI, Bangalore
    22. Neelankavil Devamitra, Sagar
    23. Ninaparampil Mariamma, SST, Palamattam
    24. Painadath Viju, CMI, Bangalore
    25. Palackal James, Manganam, Kottayam
    26. Pallikunnel Geo, CMI, Bangalore
    27. Rogit, CMC, Bangalore
    28. Sophy Rose, CMC, Aluva, Ernakulam     
    29. Thadikkatt Geo, Kothamangalm
    30. Thalikasthanam Toma Mathai, Vezhapra   
    31. Thelly Emmanuel, CMI, Poonjar, Kottyam
    32. Thonippara Francis , CMI, Bangalore
    33. Uppani Mathew, CMI, Pala
    34. Vazhuthanappilly Joseph, MST, Ujjain

    Part I: Theology

    The Scientific Reflection of our Faith, Commitment to Jesus

    Mar Toma Margam: A Theology of the Way                        
    Paulachan Kochappilly, CMI                                      

    Mar Toma Margam:  From Doubt to Martyrdom                
    Kurian Kachappilly, CMI                                            

    The Mystery of Resurrection: An Enquiry into theWritings of Prof. Varghese Pathikulangara CMI                
    Geo Pallikunnel, CMI  

    Fourth Gospel in two Beatitudes                                           
    Rogit, CMC                

    Affective Theology: Nature and Scope                               
    Sebastian Athappilly, CMI
    Icons – Visible Theology                                                        
    Sebastian Elavathingal, CMI 

    Apophatic/Negative Theology                                            
    Siby Kavattu, CMI
    Patior, Ergo Sum!                                                                  
    Benny Nalkara, CMI

    Part II: Liturgy

    Celebration of our own Existence

    Qurbana, the unfolding of the Divine rahm√™                      
    Paul Kalluveettil, CMI

    The Experience of the Divine-Human Encounter in the Celebration of the Holy Qurbana
    Tez Maria Kunnathett, SABS

    Syro-Malabar Qurbana as the Celebration of Heaven on Earth                                                               
    Pauly Maniyattu

    The Descending and Ascending Dimensions of Liturgy
    Geo Pallikunnel, CMI  
    Liturgy of the Hours: A Response to the Spiritual Ideal of Ceaseless Prayer
    Naiju Jose Kalambukattu, CMI           

    Liturgy of the Syro-Malabar Rite: Restoration and Renewal 
    Geo Thadikkatt      

    Part III: History and Ecclesiology

    Fidelity to the Church, Key to Authentic Living Faith

    Saint Thomas Christians                                                      
    Francis Thonippara, CMI

    Saint Thomas Cross: A Religio-Cultural Logo of Saint Thomas Christians 
    M. Thomas Antony
    Indian Christian Architecture                                                     
    Joseph Vazhuthanappilly, MST
    A Critical Analysis of the Establishment of the Catholic Dioceses in India in the wake of the Universal Jurisdiction of the Oriental Churches
    Joseph Varghese Kureethara, CMI      

    CMI Congregation and the Syro-Malabar Church    
    Joseph Chennattussery, CMI
    The Rebirth of Monasticism in the Mar Toma Nasrani Church      
    Mariamma   Ninaparampil, SST

    Ecclesiology of Fr.Varghese Pathikulangara         
    Sophy Rose, CMC       

    The Catechetical Contributions of Prof. Dr V. Pathikulangara: An Appraisal                
    James Palackal 

    E-Catechism: Usage of modern communication technologies for Catechism in the Syro Malabar Church
    Joseph Alumkal 

    Gosepelling in the Contexts                                            
    Anto Amarnad, CMI

    Part IV: Spirituality

    God Experience = Christ Experience = Ecclesial Experience = Liturgical Experience

    The Ascetical Practices According to the Sixth Demonstration of Aphrahat (+ 345)                           
    George Ambalathil, OCD       

    Priest in the Church and for the Church                           
    Devamitra Neelankavil
    The Shape of Liturgical Formation in India   
    Lonappan Arangassery, MST
    Seminary Formation       
    Augustine Keemattam, CMI

    Christ Centred and Word Based Formation    
    Sebastian Mullooparampil, CMI         
    Mentor of Souls: In the Ministry of Spiritual Kinship: Spiritual Direction from a Psycho-spiritual Approach
    Viju Painadath, CMI  

    Significance of Spiritual Direction in Formation     
    Mathew Anatharackal, CMI   

    The Relevance of the Pshitta Bible among the Syrian Christians of the Chaldean Rite
    Mathew Uppani, CMI

    Syriac Language                                                         
    Emmanuel Thelly, CMI

    Father Varghese Pathikulangara CMI: Malpan of the Mar Toma Nasrani Church 
    Toma Mathai Thalikasthanam
    Christian Orient and Dr Varghese Pathikulangara CMI
    Andrews Mekkattukunnel