Part IV: Spirituality

God Experience = Christ Experience = Ecclesial Experience = Liturgical Experience

The Ascetical Practices According to the Sixth Demonstration of Aphrahat (+ 345)                           
George Ambalathil, OCD       

Priest in the Church and for the Church                           
Devamitra Neelankavil
The Shape of Liturgical Formation in India   
Lonappan Arangassery, MST
Seminary Formation       
Augustine Keemattam, CMI

Christ Centred and Word Based Formation    
Sebastian Mullooparampil, CMI         
Mentor of Souls: In the Ministry of Spiritual Kinship: Spiritual Direction from a Psycho-spiritual Approach
Viju Painadath, CMI  

Significance of Spiritual Direction in Formation     
Mathew Anatharackal, CMI   

The Relevance of the Pshitta Bible among the Syrian Christians of the Chaldean Rite
Mathew Uppani, CMI

Syriac Language                                                         
Emmanuel Thelly, CMI

Father Varghese Pathikulangara CMI: Malpan of the Mar Toma Nasrani Church 
Toma Mathai Thalikasthanam
Christian Orient and Dr Varghese Pathikulangara CMI
Andrews Mekkattukunnel                                           

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